Mapped Design started as a dream to create works that mean something to its audience and that push the boundaries of technology, art and design.

From humble beginnings in the back of a local magazine office, mapped has continued its evolution in working with its clients to produce truly meaningful experiences. We say experience because it is not just about the visual aspect, the technology, the art, the sound. It's about the experience that these things come together to create. It's the extreme attention to detail we hold ourselves to, that makes this experience come alive.

Our Founder, David Musch brings over 10 years of production, and industry experience, and collaboration with so many likeminded artists, and creatives alike which make up the fabric of what mapped is.

Every little bit counts. We're a small part in a bigger picture to excite and inspire the community and the world around us to make the world a better place. That's why we do what we do.

We'd love to create something with you. Get in touch below.

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